Orange County Child Support Lawyer

Either parent may be ordered to pay child support after a divorce. Most child support in California is paid under the Child Support Guideline, which uses an elaborate mathematical formula to determine an amount based on the earning capacity of the parents, the number of children, the needs of the children, and the amount of time the children spend with each parent. In California, child support in most cases is paid until a child is 18; it may be extended by the agreement of both parents, or until age 19 if the child is still in high school, or in some cases if the child is physically or mentally handicapped. To obtain child support, a parent must request a court order requiring payments from the other spouse.


Our Orange County child support lawyers can help. Every parent has a responsibility to contribute adequately to the care of his or her children. At Bayati Law Group, our Orange County child support lawyers help parents obtain court orders for child support, and we make sure those orders are enforced. When a support order modification is justified by circumstances, our Orange County child support lawyers work to help you obtain it. If you anticipate a dispute over child support; if you need the court to issue a child support order; if you need to have a support order modified; or if you aren’t receiving ordered payments and seek enforcement, call the Bayati Law Group today. You’ll speak to an experienced Orange County child support lawyer with the skills and experience to advocate effectively for you and your children.


Orange County child support lawyerBayati Law Group can also review your existing child support order for fairness and adequacy. If you need a support order or a modification of an order, let our experienced Orange County child support lawyers handle the negotiations and details on your behalf. We are the Orange County child support lawyers that parents trust for help with child support in Orange County. Every Bayati Law Group client and prospective client is treated with complete respect and is extended every possible professional courtesy. Schedule an appointment today by calling (949) 798-5700 or complete the form on our contact page. The Orange County child support lawyers at Bayati Law Group serve clients in Orange County and throughout southern California.